Red Service – Video, photo, motion graphic and digital services for your brand

Video Production Video Production

We offer the most advanced technology applied to ideas. Our talented professionals are specialized in video production of any level. They bring stories to life though events, conferences, commercials and live shows.

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Photo Production Photo Production

Whether it deals with a sport action event, a car achieving top speed or a chef focused on cooking his best dish, RED photographers are capable of capture a story with a single image, freezing the moment in its purest essence.

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Comunication Comunication

RED is a versatile agency recognized for its unrivalled skill in every communication areas. RED can offer a complete integrated communication formula, including photos, videos, texts, events not to mention social media management as well as websites development. We always get the key.

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Drone Shots - Aerial Production Drone Shots - Aerial Production

Different perspectives captured by a drone have now become part of our daily life. Aerial shots embellish a video with unexpected glimpses. Needless to say, a video without an aerial view results certainly less impactful. That’s why to best offer stunning images from above you need a professional support in direction as well as quality of piloting. That’s our mission! In addition, we can provide the necessary certification to operate safely.

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Why you should choose RED

From the written word to the professional video for an advertising use to social media management: RED integrates selected professionals from all communication areas to offer best in class solutions to fulfill every kind of need.

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